Fully Functional Cabaret Technical Rider

Contact:             Annie Danger

“*” Indicates equipment provided by The Fully Functional Cabaret


–       2-6 wireless headset or lavalier microphones*

–       2 handheld microphones onstage (cordless preferred)

–       1 stand-mounted microphone offstage for live Foley artist


–       Backing tracks used for some sound effects and 3 songs

–       9 line inputs total (wireless/handheld/stand-mounted mics + Computer source backing tracks and sound effects)

–       The Fully Functional Cabaret tours with a sound engineer who doubles as our live Foley artist. She can work in a sound booth but prefers to run our minimal sound cues from a table toward the front of the house for full dramatic effect. If there is anything we can do to help make this possible in your venue, please contact Annie Danger as listed above.


The Fully Functional Cabaret is a full theatrical production and shines its brightest with its lighting design intact. We understand that not every space can accommodate our design and strive to put forth our best work regardless of lighting capabilities.

With that said, our goal is a full light grid with at least basics of house up and down, full-stage washes, and 3 or 4 spots/specials.

We travel with our own lighting technician and come with a small array of gels to aid in the process.

For a description of our preferred lighting plot, please contact Annie Danger as listed above. Additionally, if your space has or has access to a followspot, our show’s design includes one and we would love to use yours.