A thundrous, campy, beautiful love letter to trans womanhood written and produced by and starring an all-trans-woman cast; a peepshow into our hearts and voices.

Collaborative, full-length, community theater facilitated by Annie Danger. Starring: Star Amerasu, Ryka Aoki, Annie Danger, Red Durkin, Bryn Kelly, and Shawna Virago.

This beautiful piece of community theater is brought to you by the minds that produced The Fresh Meat Festival, It’s That Easy! With Terry VanWeen!, The San Francisco Trans Film Fest, In Search of Geishaghost, The Gay Ole Opry, Red Durkin Is an Incredibly Funny Transsexual, and more.



New Haven? New Heaven!!

Jill Dolan has written a book of which I haven’t read but the intro (no love for academic language), but there’s a lot of food for thought in her premise….

Philly is for Lovers!!!

Holy goddang, bladies and Shentlemen! This town is loving us up and down. So many kind couches and beds, hugs and lovings. Even the sun’s extra friendly here. Thank you,…

New York: A town that knows its theater

We burned the house down tonight! What a dream to perform off, off, off, off, off Broadway to the wonderful people of NYC. Our show at the Kraine was gorgeous…

Swarthmore: The friendliest night in Dracula’s Castle

We have a brilliant first night in the Olde Club at Swarthmore college! The students there (especially Maddie Reichman!) really treated us well and it set us off on a…


Check the bottom of the page! We’re tweeting like the wind @FFCABARET !!!

Rehearsals blazed by like a sky full of lightning!

And we look amazing!!! We worked from ten this morning until *just now* (9:19 at night) and we look effing incredible!!!

The T-shirts are effing gorgeous!

I just finished printing them with the inimmitable Cara Jo Desai and Jenn Pants over at the print studios at University of the Arts here in Philly. Bajeez! They look…

New Tour Date in New Haven

NEW! If you’ll look to our conveniently-located, right sidebar you’ll see our gorgeous new booking in New Haven, CT at the People’s Arts Collective. Huzzah! C’mon down and bring all…

We’re Performing in a Tiny Castle!!

Umm, I just looked up the place we’re performing at Swarthmore. It’s a tiny castle!!!!!! http://www.swarthmore.edu/campusmap/destinations/details.php?destination=oldeclub

Help Fund Our Tour

Well, as you may have inferred…we’re trans women. That doesn’t dictate everything in our lives, but it does make it much more likely that we have lower income than your…

Photos From Last Summer

The Fully Functional Cabaret July 7th, 2012 (by Naked Eye Photography) Check out these luscious shots of the Fully Functional during our premiere run at the National Queer Arts Festivel…

Just Two Weeks Away!

We have begun our descent upon the fair metropolis of New York. Red and Bryn are already there. Annie flies out on the 28th. Star comes a few days later….


    There are no dates yet.